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What to Do After Car Hailstorm Damage

Posted on 11 September 2018 by (0)

Climate change is making the weather more violent and storms bigger. This implies that your vehicle has a higher chance of being damaged by hail. If you happen to drive on the road when hail stones start bouncing on your car’s body, here is what you should do.

Stay Safe

If the storm is mild and hail small, you can keep driving till you arrive at a sheltered place. But, if there is large hail that can damage the car or make driving unsafe, pull over somewhere safe to wait for the storm to be over. Check the car to determine whether driving it after the storm will be safe especially if it has already been damaged. For instance, if there is severe damage on the windshield, driving the car may not be safe. Also check the road to see if there are power lines on the ground, deep water, or hazards that may be occasioned by ice fall or water on the ground.

Evaluate the Damage Extent

Hailstorm can cause mild or severe damage on your car. If lucky, you can get away with minor dings on the car’s body. These are easy to repair. Nevertheless, hail can lead to severe damage on the car body which may increase repair costs to thousands or hundreds of dollars. That’s why insurance claims necessitated by hail damage are increasing. But, regardless of the extent of hail damage on your car, make sure that it is repaired at a reputable auto body shop.

Check the Insurance Policy

Do not assume that your auto insurance will automatically cover hail damage. The repairs will be paid by the insurance if you have a comprehensive coverage. However, if you do not have a comprehensive cover, you may have to pay for hail damage repair from your pocket.

Generally, the best way to save time and avoid expensive repairs during a hailstorm is to ensure that it does not damage your vehicle. Be careful to notice signs of the approaching hailstorm and stay away from the road. But, if hailstorm damages your car, follow these steps to ensure a seamless experience.