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How to Deal with Rust Spots on a Vehicle

Posted on 18 January 2021 by (0)

Every vehicle can start rusting at some point. Noticing rust spots on a vehicle is not uncommon especially on old models. Most rust spots become visible after washing a vehicle. But, how do you deal with rust spots on a vehicle? This article might be the solution you’re looking for. 

Why the Body of a Vehicle Develops Rust 

Paint and protective coating are used to protect the metal part of a vehicle. But, the outer layer of a vehicle cracks or chips with time. This leaves the metallic part of the vehicle exposed to water and air. Consequently, rusting occurs on the metallic body parts. 

The more the vehicle’s metal part gets exposed, the more it develops rust spots. Chemical baths can give a new car tougher protection. This can make a new model chipping resistance. However, an older car may not have this protection. Thus, new car models are likely to develop rust spots than older models. 

How to Prevent Auto Body Rusting 

It’s not easy to prevent auto body rusting completely. However, you can slow down the rate at which rust spots develop on the body of your vehicle by minimizing its exposure to the elements. Here are some of the best ways to prevent auto body rusting. 

  • Collision repair- Make sure that any auto body damage caused by a collision is fixed properly and efficiently. This should be done by professionals because poorly done bodywork can introduce cracks that will leave the metal exposed and cause rusting. 
  • Park your vehicle at the right place- Make sure that your vehicle is always parked under a shade or shelter to protect it from the element and extreme weather. Extreme cold or heat can cause cracking of the paint. When this happens, the auto body metal is exposed to the elements that cause rusting. When snow sticks to the auto body, it can also cause tearing of the paint. 
  • Wash your vehicle regularly- Regular washing removes bird droppings and chemicals from the surface of your vehicle. This prevents possible corrosion or damage that may eventually lead to rusting of the metallic part. 

Rust Removal from a Vehicle 

A professional auto body shop can fix rust spots on the surface of your vehicle. It can also prevent the spots from expanding. An effective way to remove rust spots is by sanding and applying quality primer to the affected area. This should be followed by quality painting. This is an effective solution for small rust spots. 

If your vehicle has large rust spots, intensive bodywork should be done. Talk to a reputable auto body shop to find out what can be done to fix rust spots and restore the structural integrity and look of your vehicle.