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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long-Term Storage

Posted on 30 November 2019 by (0)

Do you own a convertible that you drive during summer? Or, do you intend to leave town for a long vacation or a job? Well, you could be in the military and you have been deployed overseas. These are some of the scenarios where you may not drive your vehicle for some time. As such, you may want to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage. Proper storage of your vehicle will help you avoid costly repairs at a local auto body shop when you decide to use it again. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage.

Keep Your Vehicle Covered 

You should keep your vehicle in a garage to protect it from environmental elements. A garage provides a relatively stable temperature for storing a vehicle. But, if you don’t own a garage, it’s recommended that you keep it covered. This is very important when you intend to leave your vehicle outdoors. Invest in a quality car cover with waterproof qualities. That way, your car will remain dry and clean longer. 

Clean the Vehicle 

You don’t want to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for painting the moment you get back. Therefore, clean the car before you store it. If you leave bird droppings on your car for a long time, they will damage its paint job. Also, clean the undersides and the wheels to remove grease, tar, and mud. You can wax your vehicle to enhance its protection. 

Change the Engine Oil 

Changing the engine oil is very important if you intend to store your vehicle for a month or longer. This is a recommendation found in most owners’ manuals. Changing the engine oil before storing a vehicle is important because used oil contains contaminants that can damage your vehicle’s engine. 

In addition to these measures, fill off the tank with fuel or gas and charge the battery. This will keep your vehicle ready for use after storage. Also, do not use the parking brake to prevent fusing of the brake pads and the rotors.