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How to Remove a Bumper Dent

Posted on 31 March 2020 by (0)

Getting a dent in the bumper is one of the most frustrating experiences for some drivers. This is particularly the case when it’s a small fender bender during the traffic rush hour. The experience is even worse if you notice a ding on getting out of a grocery store. Unfortunately, even very careful drivers get bumper dents. 

It’s generally almost impossible to avoid stray softballs, shopping carts, flying pebbles, poorly parked vehicles, and falling pine cones. However, there is something you can do to remove the dents caused by all these. Here are some of the ways of removing a bumper dent. 

Boiling Water 

A plastic bumper can be very stiff. As such, working a dent on such a bumper requires something pliable. To make water pliable, boil it and pour it on a dent. Pop back the dent in the bumper from behind while pouring water on it. This works because the plastic bumper is softened by the boiling water making it flexible. 


It’s easy to think that you can remove a small or medium-sized dent from a bumper the same you can use a plunger to unclog a blocked drain. However, this method of removing a bumper dent requires splashing water on the dent and plunger and then pulling and pushing using a cup plunger until it eventually pops out. 

Compressed Air and Hair Dryer 

This entails using the hairdryer to heat the bumper dent to expand it. When the bumper is sufficiently hot, the compressed air can is then turned upside down and the area sprayed. The plastic is contracted by the cold air thereby encouraging popping out of the dent. 

Dry Ice 

Wearing protective gear, hold dry ice on the bumper dent and then rub it until the dent pops back to its place.

If these methods fail to work, drive to a reputable auto body repair shop to have the bumper dent removed by experienced professionals using innovative tools and equipment.