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Tips on How to Keep a Car Looking Brand New

Posted on 22 March 2019 by (0)

A well-maintained car looks new and impressive. Selling it at the desired price is also easier than selling a car with scratches and chips. Most people are obsessed with the desire to keep their cars looking brand new. That’s why they are keen to look after them. They also maintain a significant distance at the parking lots to ensure that other car owners do not ding or dent them when opening the doors of their cars. What’s more, they are keen to remove little marks from their cars immediately after they occur.

Nevertheless, there are things that you can do and end up ruining the look of your car. Here are some of the things that you should not do to ensure that your car looks brand new longer.

Use a Car Wash with Automated Swirling Brushes

Swirling brushes are given this name because they swirl the paint of your car. You might not notice it but using a car wash that has automated swirling brushes will most likely leave your car paint with swirl marks. These brushes have accumulated grit, sand, and other types of debris that is swirled across the paintwork of a car.

Use a Car Wash Where Cars are Dried by the Attendants

Drying a car after it has been washed is the same as having it brush-washed. That’s because the towels that the attendants use may not have been washed for some time. Thus, the towels will also swirl grit from the other cars on the paintwork of your car.

Use Touch-less High Pressure Car Wash

Some people think that touch-less high pressure car wash protects the paintwork. However, this is not true. High pressure washing pushes debris across the paintwork when used to wash an exceptionally dirty car. This creates unsightly swirl marks.

Fail to Remove Birds Droppings from the Car Immediately

Birds’ droppings have acid that damages the paint surface. The effect is worse when the vehicle is in direct sunlight. Therefore, wash off bird droppings the moment you notice them. If you let the droppings sit on your vehicle longer, the damage will be more extensive.

Fail to Wash the Car because it Will Get Dirty Soon After

You may think that washing your car is a waste of time and money because it will get dirty soon after. But, this is wrong because when dirt and muck sits on the paintwork longer, it causes more damage to the car. Therefore, cleaning a car even if it’s likely to get dirty is an important pre-emptive practice.

These are just some of the tips that will help you keep your car looking brand new. Follow these tips to enjoy the experience of driving or owning a smart car and benefit more when selling or trading it in.