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Tips to Prevent Dents and Dings on Your Vehicle

Posted on 26 August 2018 by (0)

A minor dent or ding on your vehicle can detract from the appearance of your vehicle or cause annoyance. Most dents or dings on the doors occur by accident. For instance, somebody can hit your car accidentally while opening the door of their car. A shopping cart can also stray and cause a dent on the door of your car. Somebody can also damage your car on purpose thereby causing a dent on the door. Nevertheless, it is possible to prevent some dents or dings on your vehicle.

Here are tips to help you keep your vehicle’s exterior blemish free:

Keep a Distance between Your Car and Other Vehicles

When parking, keep your car away from the other vehicles. Your car will most likely get nicked by the other vehicles and drivers when you park in a spot that is mostly busy. To minimize the risk of having your car nicked, park in a spot that looks isolated. This can be towards the parking lot’s end.

Park Strategically

There are places where you don’t have an option but to park close to other vehicles. In that case, stay between lines. However, leave sufficient room for drivers of the other vehicles to open doors to their vehicles. If possible, parallel park to minimize the risk of having your vehicle hit by the door of the other vehicle.

Park in the Garage

A covered parking protects your vehicle from elements like hail, snow and debris. If you do not have a covered garage, buy a car cover to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Watch Out for Clothing Accessories

Accessories like chains and metal embellishments on clothing and purses have the potential to cause minor scratches and nicks if you are not careful. Therefore, be careful when exiting and entering your car to ensure that they do not damage the exterior of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has dents and dings already, have them removed by experienced professionals at a reputable auto body shop. Check this one out for some excellent tips!