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Understanding Collision Auto Insurance- What Is It?

Posted on 16 January 2023 by (0)

Collision auto insurance is an essential type of coverage that can help protect you financially if your car sustains damage in a collision. This coverage caters to vehicle repairs or replacement, depending on the damage extent and severity. In most cases, this insurance covers the faults that occur regardless of who caused the accident, making it very helpful when you can’t determine who was responsible. Additionally, this coverage can be beneficial even if you were at fault for causing the crash. 

When Collision Auto Insurance Does Cover You

Collision auto insurance typically covers you after an accident with another vehicle. This coverage may also apply if your car hits an object like a tree or pole while driving. As long as you have sufficient collision auto insurance coverage, the policy should pay for any damage to your car regardless of who was at fault for the accident or the cause. 

Here’s when collision insurance will cover you: 

  • An accident with another car 
  • Collision with an object 
  • A single-car crash involving falling or rolling over 

What Does Collision Auto Insurance Not Cover? 

Although collision auto insurance helps protect you financially from costly repairs and replacements after an accident, it is vital to remember that some situations may not apply. Here’s when collision auto insurance may not cover you: 

  • Vehicle damage not relating to driving, such as theft or hail 
  • Damage to another vehicle 
  • Medical bills 

This insurance has a deductible or the amount you must pay before the coverage helps cater to your claim. Auto insurance companies allow customers to choose the collision deductible when purchasing coverage. Therefore, talk to your car insurer to understand what your collision insurance will cover after an accident.