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What Happens Once an Auto Body Declares Your Vehicle a Total Loss?

Posted on 08 September 2020 by (0)

Being told that the insurance company has declared your car a total loss can be very disappointing and confusing. But, you should first take time to consider your options before cursing the world and walking away from your car. Here’s what happens after your car is totaled. 


After your car is declared totaled, the insurance company will normally issue compensation to the owner of the car before sending it to the junkyard. However, some people are too attached to their cars and, would not just let go easily, especially if they believe the insurer’s appraisal is not correct. If that is the case, you can renegotiate with the insurance company to get better compensation.  

Negotiating a Claim 

In case you are not satisfied with the payout offered by the insurance company, you can turn down or negotiate a reprieve. Whenever you decide to refute a claim, you must provide credible proof to either increase the value of the car or reduce the repair costs. That may include documents showing the car was worth more than the payout like leather seats, air conditioning, and customized systems. 

You may also research about car repair costs and submit proof that the actual repair costs could be much lower than the original estimates given by the insurer. 

What to Do with Cars Declared as Total Loss 

You have various options on what to do with a totaled car. The main alternatives include the following; 

  • Accepting the payout offered by your car insurer 
  • Keeping the vehicle and finding a reputable auto body repair shop 
  • Keeping the car as it is if not badly damaged and, you can afford the repair costs. 
  • Donating the car

The above pointers clear the air on what you can do whenever your car is declared a total loss. But, you should also talk to an auto body repair professional for more insights about dealing with totaled cars.