Tips on How to Save Money on Your Auto Repair

Posted on 26 September 2018 (0)

After an accident or event that necessitates auto repair, you definitely want to save money when you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Gabriel of San Antonio Body Shop always offers 50% off to his customers insurance deductibles, he says one should never pay a full deductible. Here are useful tips to help you save money on your auto repair.

Check Out for Specials

There are auto body shops that offer specials at certain times of the year. However, most specials last for a limited period. It’s therefore important that you check out for these specials before you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Look for traditional and online coupons that may help you save money.

Use the Diagnostics Code Reader

Buy a diagnostics code reader and use it to save on diagnostics costs. This device can help you investigate errors like Check Engine light that appear on the dashboard. You can Google the codes to learn more about the auto problem and how much you are likely to spend on its repair. Bear in mind the fact that there are auto repair shops that insist on performing diagnostics even when you claim to know the problem after performing your own diagnostics.

Check Out More Auto Shops

Use websites that review auto shops and other online resources to find out more about the cost of auto repair. Check the average cost of fixing the problem of your vehicle. When you know the prices of auto repair in advance, you may have a higher bargaining power while negotiating with an auto shop. Additionally, get estimates from different local shops and compare them.

Save on Auto Parts

If you know the brand, name and model of the replacement part that your car needs, check for its price online. Compare prices of the part in different shops that sell auto parts to get a better deal. You may also consider refurbished parts prices to save more money. Some mechanics and auto shops allow customers to buy parts on their own and pay them for labor only. However, the parts won’t be guaranteed by the auto shop if you buy them somewhere else.

Check the Final Bill

Check the final bill to ensure that the amount you have been billed is correct. If you were given a discount, make sure that it has been applied.

Follow these tips to save money on your next auto repair.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long-Term Storage

Posted on 30 November 2019 (0)

Do you own a convertible that you drive during summer? Or, do you intend to leave town for a long vacation or a job? Well, you could be in the military and you have been deployed overseas. These are some of the scenarios where you may not drive your vehicle for some time. As such, you may want to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage. Proper storage of your vehicle will help you avoid costly repairs at a local auto body shop when you decide to use it again. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage.

Keep Your Vehicle Covered 

You should keep your vehicle in a garage to protect it from environmental elements. A garage provides a relatively stable temperature for storing a vehicle. But, if you don’t own a garage, it’s recommended that you keep it covered. This is very important when you intend to leave your vehicle outdoors. Invest in a quality car cover with waterproof qualities. That way, your car will remain dry and clean longer. 

Clean the Vehicle 

You don’t want to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for painting the moment you get back. Therefore, clean the car before you store it. If you leave bird droppings on your car for a long time, they will damage its paint job. Also, clean the undersides and the wheels to remove grease, tar, and mud. You can wax your vehicle to enhance its protection. 

Change the Engine Oil 

Changing the engine oil is very important if you intend to store your vehicle for a month or longer. This is a recommendation found in most owners’ manuals. Changing the engine oil before storing a vehicle is important because used oil contains contaminants that can damage your vehicle’s engine. 

In addition to these measures, fill off the tank with fuel or gas and charge the battery. This will keep your vehicle ready for use after storage. Also, do not use the parking brake to prevent fusing of the brake pads and the rotors. 

How to Protect Your Car from Dings and Dents

Posted on 26 July 2019 (0)

Dings and dents are almost impossible to avoid as long as you own a car. Your car can get a ding at work, at school, while driving, or when parked outside a grocery store. Basically, there is not much you can do to prevent dings and dents completely. This is particularly true when you live in an area where hail storms are prevalent. Here are some of the things you can do to protect your car from dings and dents.

Keep Distance at the Parking Lot

Maybe you consider walking a long distance to your car inconvenient. For this reason, you may want to park close to other cars. However, parking away from the other vehicles prevents your car from getting dings and dents from other vehicles. It also prevents auto body damage by stray shopping carts from the stores.

Open Your Car Doors Slowly

May be you are in a rush. However, open the doors to your car slowly with a keen attention on what is around you. There could be a pole, another car, a curb, a gas pump, a wall, or railing. You prevent the unfortunate dents that happen due to haste when you open car doors slowly.

Educate Your Loved Ones

Your kids may not pay attention to the need to prevent car dings and dents the way you do. Therefore, they may not know the proximity of your car to the baseball playing field. They might also not be concerned about preventing dents when riding bikes. It’s therefore important that you educate them and show them the need to maintain a respectful distance from your car.

Prevent Hail Damage

Hail can damage the roof, hood, windshield, and trunk of your car. The damage that hail can cause will largely depend on its size. To prevent dings and dents caused by hail, use a covered parking. You can also use a quality car cover if you don’t have a covered parking.

In addition to these measures, invest in comprehensive car insurance. This provides coverage for dings and dents whether caused by hailstorm or trees.

Tips on How to Keep a Car Looking Brand New

Posted on 22 March 2019 (0)

A well-maintained car looks new and impressive. Selling it at the desired price is also easier than selling a car with scratches and chips. Most people are obsessed with the desire to keep their cars looking brand new. That’s why they are keen to look after them. They also maintain a significant distance at the parking lots to ensure that other car owners do not ding or dent them when opening the doors of their cars. What’s more, they are keen to remove little marks from their cars immediately after they occur.

Nevertheless, there are things that you can do and end up ruining the look of your car. Here are some of the things that you should not do to ensure that your car looks brand new longer.

Use a Car Wash with Automated Swirling Brushes

Swirling brushes are given this name because they swirl the paint of your car. You might not notice it but using a car wash that has automated swirling brushes will most likely leave your car paint with swirl marks. These brushes have accumulated grit, sand, and other types of debris that is swirled across the paintwork of a car.

Use a Car Wash Where Cars are Dried by the Attendants

Drying a car after it has been washed is the same as having it brush-washed. That’s because the towels that the attendants use may not have been washed for some time. Thus, the towels will also swirl grit from the other cars on the paintwork of your car.

Use Touch-less High Pressure Car Wash

Some people think that touch-less high pressure car wash protects the paintwork. However, this is not true. High pressure washing pushes debris across the paintwork when used to wash an exceptionally dirty car. This creates unsightly swirl marks.

Fail to Remove Birds Droppings from the Car Immediately

Birds’ droppings have acid that damages the paint surface. The effect is worse when the vehicle is in direct sunlight. Therefore, wash off bird droppings the moment you notice them. If you let the droppings sit on your vehicle longer, the damage will be more extensive.

Fail to Wash the Car because it Will Get Dirty Soon After

You may think that washing your car is a waste of time and money because it will get dirty soon after. But, this is wrong because when dirt and muck sits on the paintwork longer, it causes more damage to the car. Therefore, cleaning a car even if it’s likely to get dirty is an important pre-emptive practice.

These are just some of the tips that will help you keep your car looking brand new. Follow these tips to enjoy the experience of driving or owning a smart car and benefit more when selling or trading it in.


What to Do After Car Hailstorm Damage

Posted on 11 September 2018 (0)

Climate change is making the weather more violent and storms bigger. This implies that your vehicle has a higher chance of being damaged by hail. If you happen to drive on the road when hail stones start bouncing on your car’s body, here is what you should do.

Stay Safe

If the storm is mild and hail small, you can keep driving till you arrive at a sheltered place. But, if there is large hail that can damage the car or make driving unsafe, pull over somewhere safe to wait for the storm to be over. Check the car to determine whether driving it after the storm will be safe especially if it has already been damaged. For instance, if there is severe damage on the windshield, driving the car may not be safe. Also check the road to see if there are power lines on the ground, deep water, or hazards that may be occasioned by ice fall or water on the ground.

Evaluate the Damage Extent

Hailstorm can cause mild or severe damage on your car. If lucky, you can get away with minor dings on the car’s body. These are easy to repair. Nevertheless, hail can lead to severe damage on the car body which may increase repair costs to thousands or hundreds of dollars. That’s why insurance claims necessitated by hail damage are increasing. But, regardless of the extent of hail damage on your car, make sure that it is repaired at a reputable auto body shop.

Check the Insurance Policy

Do not assume that your auto insurance will automatically cover hail damage. The repairs will be paid by the insurance if you have a comprehensive coverage. However, if you do not have a comprehensive cover, you may have to pay for hail damage repair from your pocket.

Generally, the best way to save time and avoid expensive repairs during a hailstorm is to ensure that it does not damage your vehicle. Be careful to notice signs of the approaching hailstorm and stay away from the road. But, if hailstorm damages your car, follow these steps to ensure a seamless experience.